About Nathalie

Hi, I’m Nathalie Whisnant. I’m a portrait photographer located in a small town just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Photography has been a passion of mine since purchasing my first professional camera for a trip to Europe in 2003. Though the iconic and beautiful scenic images I captured there will forever hold a place in my heart, it is the portraits of the people I encountered on my travels that forever changed my life. It didn’t take me very long to realize that my most favorite things to photograph are faces.

Portraits tell a stories. What better way to tell your family’s story than with beautiful portraits of your children. Whether you want to capture a milestones, a special day, or simply archive each year of their lives, I would love the opportunity to capture your most treasured memories.With each shoot, I strive to create beautiful and striking images that my clients are proud to hang on their walls, share with the world, and cherish for a lifetime.

I find myself gleaning inspiration from fine art portrait paintings and vintage film portrait photography. This is often reflected in my lighting choices, as well as artistic choices during post processing of the images. I love the aesthetic that is created when combining vintage nuances with modern styling.

More than anything, my goal for every session is to give you a wonderful experience and create beautiful, thoughtful, and emotive images you will love!